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Most Expensive Electricity Prices

Electricity PylonThe amount we pay for electricity depends upon where we live in the world. In most countries the main source of electricity is generated by burning coal in large industrial power plants. Over 50% of the electricity generated in the United States comes from burning coal. Only 18% of the electricity generated worldwide comes from renewable energy.

Coal is the most polluting way to generate electricity and is the main contributor to global warming. The more electricity we can save the more we are helping the environment.

When we researched the cost of electricity for the Shower n Save product, we averaged the 2010 electricity prices in the following areas: Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand. The prices have been converted in to US cents for 1 kilowatt hour of electricity and include all taxes, rebates and surcharges.


Electricity Prices
Country / State kWh (US cents)
Denmark 38.99
Italy 37.30
Netherlands 34.73
Germany 31.05
Ireland 26.51
Slovakia 25.52
Belgium 25.16
Austria 24.91
Sweden 24.36
Portugal 23.93
Northern Ireland 23.80
Luxembourg 23.53
Hawaii 23.30
Malta 22.28
France 21.65
Cyprus 21.35
Tasmania 21.25
Connecticut 19.93
Wales 19.64
Spain 19.51
England 19.22
Victoria 19.01
Scotland 18.59
New Zealand 18.14
Slovenia 18.04
Northern Territory 17.94
Massachusetts 17.84
Queensland 17.60
New York 17.40
New South Wales 17.40
Alaska 17.10
Western Australia 17.10
Prince Edward Island 17.06
Maine 16.70
Czech Republic 16.69
New Hampshire 16.55
Latvia 16.44
Capital Territory 16.43
Rhode Island 16.23
New Jersey 15.91
Vermont 14.76
Maryland 14.66
Finland 14.43
New Brunswick 13.92
Saskatchewan 13.86
Nova Scotia 13.81
Delaware 13.52
Poland 13.32
California 13.15
Texas 12.96

Denmark has the highest electricity prices in our survey. About four times as expensive as Ontario (9.23 US cents/kWh) and five time as expensive as Washington (7.66 US cents/kWh) As a result of having higher energy prices, the Danes are known for better energy conservation.

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